Thursday, September 27, 2012

Show Me the Money: How to Rake in Profits with Digital Signs

Your scrolling LED sign is a cash cow – you just don’t know it yet. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you.

In our previous post, we’ve shared a couple of tips on how you can get the right advertising message on your LED display boards to start making those sales. Here are 2 more tips and the golden rule to help you do so:

Let Customer’s Grove to Your Move
Any business advertising always aims to make any form of sale. And if your programmable LED sign doesn’t deliver, then you might as well consider it as a flop. Be real with the purpose of your advertising and what you intend for it to do. If you want customers to attend your 3-day sale event, then say so. This is better known as a call to action. And as the term suggests, this part of your advertisement calls upon your customers to act – hopefully according to your will.

Here are some calls to action worthy of a try:
-- Start with your free trial today
-- Take your second cup of coffee – for free!
-- Buy now, for half the price

Let your imagination run wild to create ingenious calls to action.

Explain: NEVER Shove the Sale up Your Customer’s Throat
Selling has become so overrated. For one, nobody likes to be forced into buying something that in the end turns out to be the complete opposite of what it promised to do in the first place. Also, customers really do know better now than their grandparents. The slightest hint of trying to get a dip off their pockets can easily be spotted in a matter of seconds. So does this mean that advertising is dead? Not quite. But you have to remember that the competition is tougher this time. Prove to your customers that your product or service is worthy of their time and hard-earned money.

Customers are always after the “what’s in it for me?” So don’t forget to explain how your products can benefit them or better yet change their lives for the better.

Golden Rule: Don’t Forget About your Customers – Make Them Feel Good
All of the tips we’ve shared with you in this two-part special all boils down to this million-dollar fact. Customers should mean the world to every business. Aside from being the prime drivers of revenues, these stakeholders keep any company in business. They should be the start and end of every decision or every step undertaken by your company.

When you keep this in mind, we’re sure that you will be able to sell your advertising messages whether they’re plastered in digital signages, brochures or T-shirts.

Got the right message to your customers?

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to Write an Advertising Message on Your LED Signage That Sells Every Minute of the Day

Did you get that?

More often than not, business owners like you do not have the luxurious opportunity of asking each one of your customers this very important question. The results of your advertising and marketing efforts only come to you in the form of the actual sale of goods or the commissioning of the services you offer.

Never second guess the effectiveness of your scrolling LED sign messages. Here are foolproof ways on how to drive home a sale every time your advertising message is read:  

Do Your Homework
The best time to write an advertising copy is when you’re 300% sure of everything. If not, go home and do some more research. Don’t go wasting your precious time and money on crafting the perfect message when you don’t know your products, your audience and what you can do for them. Keep in mind that these three factors are the pillars not only of your advertisement but your revenue potential.

Hit the sales right every time by arming yourself with the right amount of correct information to create effective sales messages for your scrolling LED sign.

Stop Beating around the Bush
What’s more frustrating than having your partner rant at you unceasingly? Well, it’s not being able to understanding why he or she is doing so. This is the same for advertising your products and services. With every square of the planet filled with sales messages, your company has to really stand out in order to be noticed. One way to do so is by being straightforward. Stop the habit of playing around or using flowery words. Consumers nowadays more intelligent have less time to actually listen to yet. Get their attention and say your piece. After that, watch them fall for your every word.

Spice Things Up
Here lies the true test of creating the bestselling advertising message for your digital signage. Can anyone be creative with just a few words? Why, of course! It can be done but much should be given to master this style. Don’t settle for being another restaurant or cafĂ© on the block. Make it a rule to say or do the same things in a different manner. In this way, your business creates a distinctive personality in your customers. This will surely make them love you more.

Still missing something?

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Business Saver Tips: Maintain LED Signs Well For More Savings

Photo Credit: Volusion

Doing daily tasks for your business can be tiring. But remember, it’s the little things that count. Small changes that you initiate like making it a habit to go around your office, retail shop or restaurant before calling it a day can surely go a long way. This little effort could provide great help not only in controlling your monthly electrical bill but also in avoiding faulty wiring that can cause fires.

Thinking of cost-efficient ways to grow your business? Take good care of your scrolling LED sign. Here’s how you can do that effectively:

Unplug when not in use
Though LED backlit digital signs are lean and mean energy saving machines, you have to help them out a little more in order to generate MORE savings for your business. It is a known fact that leaving appliances and other electrical equipment plugged in even when not in use can eat up a considerable amount of electricity. Think of how much more you can save if you don’t consume those excess watts.

Wipe off dust and other particles regularly
Scrolling LED signs are low maintenance investments for your business advertising. Unlike other sales and marketing means, you can just leave these eye-catching signs hanging on the door to do their business of growing your business. But being a high performing tool is not an excuse for you to just leave your digital signs on the corner with the dust bunnies. Take care of your investment and increase their worth by keeping them looking sharp all day long for the next 364 days.

Schedule preventive equipment checkups from time to time
As health care professionals always say, prevention is better than cure. Don’t wait until your LED sign gives up on you. Before this happens, perform preventive checks on your digital equipment to make sure that it’s still in a fighting form. Remember that machines also have a life span. Therefore, decline in performance and efficiency can be expected after several years of use. Prolong the life of your investment by thinking ahead and solving any problem before it becomes one.

Position it away from food products and other liquids
Protect your digital advertising signs inside out. It is not enough for you to wipe dust off the surface regularly; keeping the internals of your equipment safe is a must as well. Take note that these signs are computers in another fashion. Stop ants, cockroaches and other insects from destroying the insides of your digital sing by not placing it anywhere near food products. Make this a very important rule if you are in the food service business.

Is your LED sign still working properly?

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Screw-It-Yourself: How to Make Your Digital Signage a Total Flop

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Take a step back to move your business forward.

Today, we are sharing with you 4 of the most common scrolling LED sign message killers. These mistakes are often committed by business owners like you without them knowing. Learn these lessons the easy way and let us save you from these pitfalls. 

Craft your text for the ants

Using lowercase letters is good. It’s normal – especially when you produce handwritten letters or make use of word processors in your computer. However, LED signs are not meant to be normal. They are supposed to be eye-catching, attractive and attention getting digital signage in order to be read and appeal to your customers. But if your intended audiences are ants or other creepy crawlies, by all means encode your entire advertising message in lower case. 

Keep in mind that scrolling LED signs and other digital signage are often viewed at a distance. This means that your customers would be standing several feet away when they view your message. Make it comfortable enough for them to read and understand even at a distance. Reap the rewards of getting your message across when they start heading your call to action. The use of uppercase letters may mean that you are shouting – and that’s exactly what you want to do. (Digitally) Shout at your customers to make them notice you.

Take the LED sign that fits your BIG or small budget
Can’t seem to find anything wrong about this? Think again. Spending tons of dollars just because you can is not exactly going to help your business. Case in point, getting a gigantic LED sign to be used inside your retail shop is not a wise decision. Also, purchasing a tiny digital signage for outdoor use just because it’s the only one you can afford will not do the trick as well.

Appropriateness is the key. Make sure that the equipment you purchase is aligned with its intended use. Also, these tools should carry out your marketing and advertising objectives well to produce the right outcomes.

Place red text on yellow background

Making weird color choices has no place in the digital signage world. Just like making the font size easy to read, help your customers by making the text color easy on the eye. Follow the general rule on creating typographies. Pair light text colors with dark backgrounds and vice versa.

Still trying to do everything for everyone with your scrolling LED sign?

Make use of creating specifics to your advantage. Remember that in business, being a jack of all trades just turns you into just like everybody else. Differentiate and know the purpose of your advertising tools to benefit from each one of them the best way possible. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 Points You Should Know About the LED Technology History

Before a scrolling LED sign can prep up your retail store, the technology used for it has traveled long enough to be what it is today. Lighting fixtures and other LED applications were years in the making.

Let us all together look back at the journey of one of the best energy savers, the LED technology.

It was in 1907 when the term Electroluminscence was coined by scientists. This name was given for the crystals used in radio receivers that emit light when electricity passes through them.

In 1927, a Russian inventor creates the very first LED using only a thin wire and a crystal semiconductor. Though his effort paved the way for bigger leaps in further developing the technology, it failed at that time. The light produced by the LED was too dim to be utilized.

A bulb was born in 1962. Nick Holonyak Jr. of General Electric (GE) created the first LED bulb bright enough to be used. Holonyak is now known as the Father of the LED.The following year, Holonyak was featured in Reader’s Digest. It was in February of 1963 when the Fathe of the LED predicted that his invention will someday replace Thomas Edison’s incandescent light bulbs

In 1968, the LED technology was started to be used for commercial purposes. Hewlett Packard calculators, TVs, radios and watches are some of the equipment utilized the LED early on.

Green and yellow LEDs were created by scientist M.George Craford in 1972. To do so, he made use of a different crystal semiconductor. Producing a white LED was pretty much impossible at this time with the absence of a blue LED light.

The LED technology gained prominence in the 1980’s. At this time, scientists were able to produce red, yellow, green and orange LEDs that are up to 10 times brighter than its predecessors. The said technology became a household lighting solution for different applications.

It was in 1989 when LED traffic lights began gracing our roads. Raymond Deese invented this innovative road guide as we know it today. However, Deese’s LED traffic lights gained much following only after the energy crisis. A massive conversion of traffic lights to its LED counter parts happened thereafter.

1993 marked the LED revolution with much advancement that took place. The first high-brightness LED blue LED was created in this year. Also, the LED technology moved from being used solely for minor applications to being a viable lighting source.

The first LED flashlight hit the market in 2001. This source of portable lighting provides brighter light and generally lasts longer than incandescent variants.

The United States, together with other countries including Brazil, Venezuela, Switzerland, Australia, Argentina, Russia, Canada, Malaysia and the European Union started embracing the big switch to LED lighting in 2007. This is in line with their plan to phase out incandescent bulbs by 2014.
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Feeding the Piggy Bank: Tips for Saving To Grow and Expand Your Business

Photo Credit: Bottom Line Business

Using a scrolling LED sign keeps your store attractive while putting in a little more on your piggy bank. But are you looking for more ways to create savings for your business? Then we’ve got you covered.

Here are a couple more tips on how to save on costs to grow your business:

  1. Bring your advertising and marketing efforts to the web
Aside from proving to be way cheaper than traditional television and radio marketing, bringing promotional efforts online can also allow you to reach more of the right people. Utilizing the right medium of communicating online can certainly produce the greatest return for your minimal investment. Not to mention the capability of this platform to produce measurable and real time feedback on your campaigns.

  1. Outsource ‘em up
With the current condition of the global economy and the increasing prominence of the internet, outsourcing different business functions have been steadily gaining popularity. Aside from the manufacturing of goods, other functions such as accounting and marketing to name a few are now being outsourced. This alternative creates big savings in many ways. Business owners like you can not only save on office space but on the salaries and required employee benefits as well. A good number of small business and freelancers alike offer a wide range of services.

  1. Get the right office tools
Getting a top of the line printer may add to the professional image of your company. But do you really need high powered office equipment? If your business only requires the performance of basic administrative tasks, it is best to get equipment that has two or more capabilities. Printers that double as copiers are great energy savers. More often than not, multi-functional tools have an energy consumption level of one equipment only so they provide tons of savings for the electrical bill. Make sure to choose energy efficient units. Unplugging office tools when not in use is a great practice as well.

BONUS TIP: Try telecommuting
This is another must-try saving tip for any business. Telecommuting, simply put, is remote working. In this set-up, employees are allowed to work from home or any other venue of their choice as long as they are able to accomplish assigned tasks. Telecommuting saves both business owners and employees their precious time by avoiding physical traffic. Modern technological devices such as computers, laptops, tablets and the internet are used to synchronize office work despite the physical distance of one employee to another.

Are you saving enough for your business?

Share with us your financial management tips and other saving tricks that keep your business growing.