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Show Me the Money: How to Rake in Profits with Digital Signs

Your scrolling LED sign is a cash cow – you just don’t know it yet. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you.
In our previous post, we’ve shared a couple of tips on how you can get the right advertising message on your LED display boards to start making those sales. Here are 2 more tips and the golden rule to help you do so:

Let Customer’s Grove to Your Move Any business advertising always aims to make any form of sale. And if your programmable LED sign doesn’t deliver, then you might as well consider it as a flop. Be real with the purpose of your advertising and what you intend for it to do. If you want customers to attend your 3-day sale event, then say so. This is better known as a call to action. And as the term suggests, this part of your advertisement calls upon your customers to act – hopefully according to your will.
Here are some calls to action worthy of a try: -- Start with your free trial today -- Take your second cup of coffee – for free! -- Buy now, for half the price

How to Write an Advertising Message on Your LED Signage That Sells Every Minute of the Day

Did you get that?
More often than not, business owners like you do not have the luxurious opportunity of asking each one of your customers this very important question. The results of your advertising and marketing efforts only come to you in the form of the actual sale of goods or the commissioning of the services you offer.
Never second guess the effectiveness of your scrolling LED sign messages. Here are foolproof ways on how to drive home a sale every time your advertising message is read:  
Do Your Homework The best time to write an advertising copy is when you’re 300% sure of everything. If not, go home and do some more research. Don’t go wasting your precious time and money on crafting the perfect message when you don’t know your products, your audience and what you can do for them. Keep in mind that these three factors are the pillars not only of your advertisement but your revenue potential.
Hit the sales right every time by arming yourself with the right amount of correct inf…

Business Saver Tips: Maintain LED Signs Well For More Savings

Doing daily tasks for your business can be tiring. But remember, it’s the little things that count. Small changes that you initiate like making it a habit to go around your office, retail shop or restaurant before calling it a day can surely go a long way. This little effort could provide great help not only in controlling your monthly electrical bill but also in avoiding faulty wiring that can cause fires.
Thinking of cost-efficient ways to grow your business? Take good care of your scrolling LED sign. Here’s how you can do that effectively:
Unplug when not in use Though LED backlit digital signs are lean and mean energy saving machines, you have to help them out a little more in order to generate MORE savings for your business. It is a known fact that leaving appliances and other electrical equipment plugged in even when not in use can eat up a considerable amount of electricity. Think of how much more you can save if you don’t consume those excess watts.
Wipe off dust and other par…

Screw-It-Yourself: How to Make Your Digital Signage a Total Flop

Take a step back to move your business forward.
Today, we are sharing with you 4 of the most common scrolling LED sign message killers. These mistakes are often committed by business owners like you without them knowing. Learn these lessons the easy way and let us save you from these pitfalls. 

Craft your text for the ants
Using lowercase letters is good. It’s normal – especially when you produce handwritten letters or make use of word processors in your computer. However, LED signs are not meant to be normal. They are supposed to be eye-catching, attractive and attention getting digital signage in order to be read and appeal to your customers. But if your intended audiences are ants or other creepy crawlies, by all means encode your entire advertising message in lower case. 
Keep in mind that scrolling LED signs and other digital signage are often viewed at a distance. This means that your customers would be standing several feet away when they view your message. Make it comfortab…

11 Points You Should Know About the LED Technology History

Before a scrolling LED sign can prep up your retail store, the technology used for it has traveled long enough to be what it is today. Lighting fixtures and other LED applications were years in the making.
Let us all together look back at the journey of one of the best energy savers, the LED technology.
It was in 1907 when the term Electroluminscence was coined by scientists. This name was given for the crystals used in radio receivers that emit light when electricity passes through them.

In 1927, a Russian inventor creates the very first LED using only a thin wire and a crystal semiconductor. Though his effort paved the way for bigger leaps in further developing the technology, it failed at that time. The light produced by the LED was too dim to be utilized.

A bulb was born in 1962. Nick Holonyak Jr. of General Electric (GE) created the first LED bulb bright enough to be used. Holonyak is now known as the Father of the LED.The following…

Feeding the Piggy Bank: Tips for Saving To Grow and Expand Your Business

Using a scrolling LED sign keeps your store attractive while putting in a little more on your piggy bank. But are you looking for more ways to create savings for your business? Then we’ve got you covered.
Here are a couple more tips on how to save on costs to grow your business:

Bring your advertising and marketing efforts to the web Aside from proving to be way cheaper than traditional television and radio marketing, bringing promotional efforts online can also allow you to reach more of the right people. Utilizing the right medium of communicating online can certainly produce the greatest return for your minimal investment. Not to mention the capability of this platform to produce measurable and real time feedback on your campaigns.
Outsource ‘em up With the current condition of the global economy and the increasing prominence of the internet, outsourcing different business functions have been steadily gaining popularity. Aside from the manufacturing of goods, other functions s…