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Business Tip: How to Make Your Store Front More Attractive

When you are in the middle of a city’s shopping district, and you’re surrounded with a lot of big shopping store, what’s the first thing you notice? Maybe it’s the wonderfully designed window display of a fashion boutique, or the impressive fa├žade of a shoe store, or the catchy LED sign hanging on the restaurant window. All these things set an impression that will later determine if you’re going to purchase something from that store or not.

The same principle goes if you are a business owner. Just imagine yourself as a customer passing by in front of your store. Do you think your store front makes the impressive first impression? Will you be engaged to step inside and look at what the store has for you with just a first glance? If you’re not quite satisfied with how your store looks like, there are number of ways to improve it. Create a store front that that is visually appealing to customers with these quick tips.
Use Inviting Colors The color you use in your store front send out pow…

Add Fun in Your Store with Writable LED Board

If you want to be successful in your business and attract more customers, you need to do an advertising strategy that is fun, catchy and cost efficient. When you’re just starting with your business it is important to make your store known and easily visible. While traditional advertisement usually works, a new way to get your message across is through a Writable LED Board. It’s lightweight, efficient, and easy to use!
Writable LED board is an innovative advertising product that allows you to write or draw your own sign. It is a perfect way to do a promotion and release information for small and medium business entities.

Writable LED Board for Your Business Show your menu, announce daily specials, promote new items or shout greetings on special events through a colorful and catchy LED board. If you have new dish, or drink specials, as well as seasonal discounts, you can definitely use a vibrant flashing colors to promote it to your customers. Bars, fast foods and restaurant will surel…

How Any Business Can Benefit from Indoor LED Sign

Fact: Your business can benefit from an Indoor LED Sign.
If you own a spa, restaurant, boutique, convenience store or auto shop, it’s pretty sure that you can use a little boost in your sales with some attractive LED displays. They’re light, easy to use, fun and versatile. Plus it can turn any dull store space into a point of contact where you can send catchy messages to costumers.

Rather than a simple static message, LED sign can bereconfigured anytime to send out important information throughout the year. Indoor LED display can get the right message to the right people at the right time so you are sure that your investment is worth every penny.
Food and Restaurant Business If your customers are already inside your store, this is your chance to tell them what you sell and get them into trying out new items on your menu. Since LED display can be easily reprogrammed to contain timely messages, it can be used to promote seasonal dishes, discounts, happy hour and holiday promos. You can…

How to Create an Effective Content for Your LED Display

Having an effective advertising program for your business doesn’t end in investing in quality LED display. We all know that an LED sign will require a big chunk of your budget but that doesn’t mean that you should no longer invest on the content creation of your electronic messenger. If you really want to maximize the potential of this technology, creating an effective content can make things a lot easier.
If you already have a significant experience in business particularly in advertising, determining what you should and should not include in your LED board is easy. But if you are using LED signs for the first time and is pretty new when it comes to advertising, taking note of the guidelines below can help you in creating a content that gets your message across and make your business more memorable for your customers.
Content is King This concept is usually attributed to articles and other written form of advertising but if you will look at it, any display no matter how grand or colo…