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Reasons for Going With LED Signs

What’s the fuzz with LED lighting fixtures?
Many homeowners and entrepreneurs alike have been asking this question since the emergence of this innovative technology. Light Emitting Diodes popularly known as the LED have been proven to generate energy and monetary savings. Its many variations including scrolling LED signs, traffic lights and flood lights to name a few also carry the same advantages as the actual light bulb.

Here are some wonderful insights when placing different types of light bulb side by side:
25% of monthly electrical home bills are attributed lighting use.
Incandescent bulbs consume 60 watts and can serve up to 2000 hours.
Compact Fluorescent bulbs consume 15 watts. This lighting fixture can last up to 20,000 hours of use.
LED bulbs consume 8 watts and are said to lasts up until one third of an average human life. That is about 50,000 hours.
LED lighting fixtures are environment friendly since they don’t give off UV or Infrared emissions.
CO2 footprint is significantly r…

A LED Sign for Your Restaurant: A Great Decision

So, you’ve opened a new restaurant? Congratulations! Since food is a basic human necessity, you can be sure you’ll never run out of customers. However, the restaurant industry is already a crowded arena with way too many players. Even if you are serving top quality food, newcomers, like you, need to have a distinct marketing and advertising strategy to stand out. 

Our suggestion? Go for LED open signs. LED signs have been around for quite some time and are continuously gaining popularity. It is fast becoming the hottest out-of-home advertising tool for entrepreneurs because it is effective, cost efficient and even environmentally friendly. LED, which stands for Light Emitting Diodes, which, in a nutshell, are ultra tiny light bulbs that can be animated. They are the brightest lighting available and one of the most durable too. They do not fade or flicker even when used for a long period of time and use up only half of the electricity that neon signs and incandescent bulbs do.

Today, res…

How to Pick the Right LED Open Sign for You

For any entrepreneur, keeping up-to-date with the latest technological advancements in advertising and marketing is an absolute must. However, following business trends should not be done blindly. It is important to exercise sound judgment when investing capital in tools that can either make or break a business. These days, small to medium enterprises are utilizing the fast growing trend of outdoor advertising—LED signs, and more specifically, open signs. An LED sign is a sound business investment that can rake in profits for any business if utilized properly. LED open signs are particularly tricky to set up right because they are a business’ front liner.

What factors should you consider when buying and installing LED open signs? Here are a few tips.

If your business is leaning more towards creativity,—coffee shops, specialty shops, salon, or bookstores—you should use a colorful open sign. Ditch the traditional red lettering and opt for bolder colors. One way to do this is to use purp…

Make Illuminated Open Signs Work for You

LED signs and open signs are marketing tools business establishments utilize to announce special announcements, promotions, menus, and even business hours. All establishments now display LED and open signs to attract potential customers and increase foot traffic. With these kinds of signage, business establishments announce that they are ready for business. Illuminated signs are a plus compared to the traditional signs available in the market today because of their animation, multiple message features, and bright colors.

Below are tips on how to make the most out of illuminated LED and open signs:

1.Always consider the reader when deciding the best angle to display your illuminated open sign. 
For example, if the open signage is displayed above level, it should be angled downwards and vice versa. This will make reading easier because the viewing angle is an important factor in making the most out of bright lights, aiming towards your customers’ line of sight.

2.Colors and effects attrac…

Are Mobile Signs More Advantageous?

LED signs are a form of advertising that businesses utilize for name recall and good impression. Though they can only send take short messages that are brief and concise, an LED or an open sign helps establishments attract customers because of their animation and bright colors, or just because people would know that an establishment is open. Speaking of open signage, do you know that scrolling signs are more advantageous than stationary ones? Here’s why:

Scrolling signs attract more attention because they move.Crawling letters and images attract more interest thereby catching the eyes of passersby more effectively.

Message boards that are programmable and scroll can be used to advertise promotions, events, or trade shows.Maximize the use of these signs to send messages that are short but easily understood and remembered.

Signs that move can also be used to display a customer’s number for businesses that require queues for customers.These LED and open sign products can be customized for c…

Spend Less Time on Appeasing Angry Customers

Do you have a long line outside your store even before you switch on your open sign? Are those customers clenching their teeth and fists in frustration and protest and not with baited breaths in gleeful anticipation of getting your products? You may be failing in providing excellent customer service.

So, before you turn on your open sign the next time, read on and know how to spend less time and effort in placating your customers:
1.      Offer free things. People always respond to anything that is free. Bonuses, gifts, and perks can definitely satisfy a customer, decreasing the need of customers to talk with a firm’s agents for hours. Not only that, of course, your reputation as a year-round Santa will grow, and there would be a less need to bombard your customers with ads on your LED sign. I mean, which business minds being renowned as generous to their customers? The chances of not only appeasing customers, but getting more of them, will absolutely increase.
2.      Proper scheduling …