Thursday, October 30, 2014

Last Minute Halloween Ideas Using Your Affordable LED Products

Still having those nightmares of getting crazy over what ideas to throw for your company’s Halloween party? If you’re on the brink of using in the ol’ white linen over the walls with superimposing cutouts that spelled “Happy Halloween!”, then time to wake up and smell the year 2014 because that “creepy” Halloween décor is so ancient, even mummies don’t want it for their own party. Don’t fret and thank goodness for LED technology, your décor problem is solved!

Last minute Halloween ideas? Why not make the most out of your LED products?
Photo courtesy: SpiderDan via Facebook
If you think your LED signs and digital marquees only serve as your store’s public invitation to the public for visiting your shop, these twinkling, bright and eye-catching features can also be used to “spookify” your store. You don’t believe us? Here are some ideas:

1. LED Message Board as Headstones

This is one those many things you can do with your LED writing board. Wipe off those menu list inscribed on the board for a while and make it as a makeshift headstone, put it in one corner and add little details like a dilapidated cross made of discarded styro or wood and dry leaves. Put creepy names from famous horror movies like Jack Torrance, Samara Morgan, Damien Thorn, Annie Wilkes or Norman Bates to complete the prop.

2. Scrolling Indoor Sign for Your Sporadic Creepy Message

Just imagine a scene from a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion, wherein everything’s a messy, bloody environment. Decorate shop and/or office space as if the place has been infested by gnarly gut-eating “walkers”. Get a cheap strobe lights, scatter some old newspaper, spill a little fake blood and you’re all set. As for your scrolling indoor sign (and even those programmable and outdoor signages), put a cryptic message (e.g. “They’re coming” or “They’re watching us”) and tilt it or hang it somewhere within the space in a “haphazardly-looking” manner.

3. Rechargeable LED Candles to Light Up the Place, Horror Style

Use your imagination. You can make your store look like a trashed up castle from the movie, Dracula, go as that creepy character holding a candle from Insidious or use is as a simple accompaniment to your carved pumpkin, up to you on how to use your LED candles. In addition, you can also use this as a walkway guide in case you decide not to use regular lights for your Halloween shindig.

4. LED Rope Lights for Added Details

With these long strands of LED string lights, you can use this to details to your place. Using this, you can spell out the word, “BOO!” instead of using the traditional Halloween greetings on cardboard. Heck, if you have a mannequin, you can use this as an added element to your freaky motif by simply dressing it up using the LED strings.

5. LED String Lights for Makeshift Ghost

You can still catch up on the Halloween fever by decorating your office/shop using your LED products. 

Still want to use that white linen of yours? If you insist! And here’s an idea: Attach nylon strings on it, then hang the thing on a corner, or perhaps on the center to form a ghost-like shape. You can put creepy-wacky designs and details such as eyes or mouth. After which, install the LED string lights underneath the linen to highlight the décor.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Digital Signage and Where’s the Perfect Spot to Install It

For newly-opened businesses and established hole-in-the-walls as well, storefront signs, marquees and other digital signage are there not only to draw attention from the crowd, enticing them to come over and visit your shop, but also to usher them as they enter your store. Not to mention, some signages are part of some legal requirements imposed by the city government such as fire exit signs and the likes. However, what’s the point in having the most sophisticated, high-tech digital marquees and LED signboards if they’re installed behind a bundle of tree branches, by the back of the door or in some sketchy alleys, hiding in plain sight?

A strategic spot for a signage is vital in showcasing your business to the public, much to the extent of observing laws regarding safety practices within the vicinity. And overlooking this aspect by putting your sign in a secluded, close to nonexistent area simply defeats the purpose of your signage as “marketing collateral”. And unlike those large billboards soaring high above skyscrapers and rooftops, retail signages are relatively smaller, and thus should be placed in a key spot that’s visible enough for the general public to notice it.

And where exactly are these spots?

Store’s Main Sign

The Right Spot: By The Window/Facade

Nothing beats the old-fashioned way of using the window to cradle the name of your business. And that’s why you can never go wrong in installing your bright LED signage by the façade or window. Putting your digital marquee suspended just right above the door and/or by the glass pane is strategic and convenient enough for patrons and potential customers to see the name of the establishment. That way, you’re now instilling your brand to them and the nature of your business in a well-thought, yet effortless manner. And even for some, they include business hours inform the public their time of operation.

Open Sign

The Right Spot: Door

Think of it as your inanimate usher, telling everyone that your shop is now open for business. Aside from the joint’s name, open signs should be the second thing any/every customer has to see when passing by your store to say the least. Open signs are the ones that welcome patrons and encourage other potential guests to take a look-see inside an establishment. Customers are more compelled to enter a shop upon seeing an open sign, rather than not seeing any signage at all, so it’s best this sign should be clearly seen at least somewhere near your door or reception area.

Fire Exit Sign

The Right Spot: Somewhere Near the Fire Exit Door

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires any establishment at least 2 egresses or exit routes (1 for some, depending on the approval of OSHA) in case of emergencies such as fire, earthquake, accidents and the likes. And part of the requirement is to have a readable, well-lit and visible signage along exit access and routes to direct evacuees where to go. So, make sure to install at least one programmable LED signage by the emergency exit to prompt customers where to proceed when disaster strikes.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Obvious Signs You Need to Acquire a New Storefront Signage

Storefront signs are there initially to invite customers to your shop. But what if it doesn’t seem to cut it anymore and goes the other way around, up to the point when it’s slowly becoming a pain-in-the-butt liability instead of an eye-candy asset to your business?

Feel like replacing your store sign there, Rob?
Perhaps, this could be one of the signs that you need to immediately get and install a new digital signage.

What are those signs, you may ask? Here are some of them:

1. Nobody is visiting your store anymore – Don’t fret too much. Maybe the reason why people don’t go to your place anymore is that they can’t remember the name of your shop. Sure, people may have experienced something worth coming back to your store, leaving you with a promise of another visit. However, they have the tendency to forget simple things like a restaurant name or even the street your restaurant is located. So, take this as a sign to get a new storefront marquee to constantly remind customers the good experience they’ve had in your store, as well as to get noticed by other potential patrons. Also, you may want to consider giving them flyers or business cards.

2. Your marquee has served its time – Just like a loyal, ailing employee, store signs need to retire as well. If it is pretty much evident that your dilapidating, close-to-being-disintegrated store sign needs to be taken down, then this is the right time to honor and celebrate the years of service this old marquee of yours have rendered. And while you’re at it, go check out some of the best digital LED sign store online to order a brand new replacement.

3. Electricity consumption gets higher – This goes for electricity-powered neon store signs. Although, expenses for utilities is very well taken and understood, don’t you think it would be better, perhaps more efficient to use LED-powered lighting scheme –part of which is your indoor and outdoor store sign? The use of this particular technology greatly cuts down electricity consumption by a significant amount, making this ideal for business use and a perfect way to cut corners.

4. Too bland, boring and blahh – Being safe is one thing, but being too safe is boring, especially for ventures like restaurants, coffee shops, pizza parlors and other product and service-rendering businesses. And being boring often leads to biz collapse. If you think your signage does not live up to the vibe that your current endeavor wants to exude, consider revamping your business marquee. But don’t over-do it, as extreme “flashiness” could also oversell you.

5. Grammatical errors everywhere – Unless your store is insisting to have a funny and “punny” statement at the same time, then perhaps practicing your creative license over your business name wouldn’t be much of a problem. Heck, even those “deliberately misspelled” signages experience occasional backfires because of this common signage mistake. On the other hand, complete disregard for diligent proofreading has no place for a store sign. So, the moment you see something really disturbing about your store marquee that will unleash the living Adolf out of those Grammar Nazis, take down the signage right away and replace them pronto. And just to be on the safe side, stick to the original spelling and grammar.

We all know how important it is for a business to have a decent and functional storefront signs, right? Much with the bonus of having an eye-catching digital marquee, this bright piece of device the general public sees from store windows is what directs patrons and neophytes alike to come by and visit your establishment. Without this pivotal element, you’re losing a huge chunk of your chances of getting customers.

And in the same manner, having a dysfunctional signage doesn’t cause any good as well, as it practically defeats its purpose of encouraging potential guests to step inside your place. Either of which, a beat-up storefront sign is as bad as not having at all.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

LIGHT-HACKS: Other Uses of Writable LED Board

It’s pretty obvious how digital marquees and LED signs have come a long way in helping business owners attract and invite potential customers in an eye-catching and cost-efficient manner. What’s even more fascinating is how Writable LED Boards leaped further in providing ways to captivate patrons and customers in a color-blasting manner, and much more to the amusement of rookie shop owners and seasoned business operators.
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Today, the use of these bright LED boards is no longer limited to being just your ordinary well-lit signage in restaurants, bars and various shops as your makeshift menu and announcement board. This luminous piece of marketing peripheral is an all-around board that can be employed for other functions. And here are some of them.

Use it as a scoreboard for darts, pool and other bar/indoor sports

Keeping score has never been this brilliant. Literally! Throw away your old scoreboard for darts, billiards and other indoor sports, and use this board instead so that players can clearly see the scores better. And in a chalk-free style! This is definitely ideal for sports bar, pubs and saloons.

Let the “Board” Games Begin

We’re talking about bar games, so why not make the most out of it, right? This erasable and reusable LED board can serve as a perfect drawing panel when playing team games such as Pictionary, Mad Libs, Taboo, Boggle, Text Twist and even Spelling Bee to name a few during your drinking spree with friends and colleagues. Talk about “Board” games, huh?

Attention!!! Notice and Announcement Board

Because bulletin boards were so last decade ago! Making use of your writable LED board sign as your announcement board will make whiteboards look like a spot of clutter on your wall. You can never go wrong with a polite and clever thought rendered onto a colorful LED board as your medium. Definitely “CANNOT BE UNSEEN!”

To-Do List: Make a To-Do List

Because having a business means you need to work on a lot of things. And being the forgetful you, you have to organize your schedule and plot a to-do list. And this works not just for you. You can also advise or remind your workers to do necessary tasks like weekly maintenance, grocery chores and the likes.

Your Virtual Motivational Speaker

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Need to pep talk your people? Must come up with a way to boost their morale? Problem is motivational speaking is not your strong point. So what you need to do is to “borrow” and share some inspirational quotes, funny & punny lines or song lyrics and scribble it onto your LED board. Make this a weekly thing to somehow motivate them or make them smile to say the least the moment they read it. Just to be on the safe side, don’t post Nietzsche or any nihilistic quotes… Trust us on this one.

Employee of the Month Spot

And finally, what better way to recognize your staff’s effort and superb work ethics than to post a photo and declare him/her your employee of the month with all the lights and its glory. This way, it’s easier and more fun to give a nod to your ace worker, as his fellow co-workers can also post messages on the board.

Want to see of our writable LED board products? Take a quick sneak peek by visiting Affordable LED! We’ll “beam” you up!

Friday, October 3, 2014

When The Sign Says “Welcome”, Do You Really Welcome Your Customer?

They all get it! Your shop is open for business, it says all over the digital marquee hanging outside your foyer. But as what states on your fancy signage, do you really live up to every letter of the word “welcome” in terms of interacting with your customer?

In a typical establishment – particularly restaurants and shops – welcoming your customers does not simply stop at the door step, where your welcome sign is usually installed. If you want a good pat on the back approval from your customers, give them enough reason to come back, or even stay for a while just to get something worth availing from your store to say the least.

Bad service leads to bad recommendations, and bad recommendations equates to bad reputation. Of course, you wouldn’t want the general public to think of your shop as a breeding ground for rude, snooty, pretentious, good-for-nothing staff just because they simply failed to put up a smile as they serve a bowl of lukewarm soup.

To change the pace, and to gain more patrons for your business, always remember to W-E-L-C-O-M-E customers! How? Here are some suggestions:

Warm greetings is a-must

Pretty much basic! Once the door opens for the customers, give them the nicest, warmest greetings to acknowledge their arrival. Don’t forget to put a smile. As they say, “a smile is a curve that sets everything straight”.

Escort your customers upon entering

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The next thing to do after giving the salutatory is to usher your guest. If they have coats, assist them in taking it off. This is a common procedure especially in restaurants, hotels, spas and other service establishments. After which, introduce yourself if you will be in charge of attending their needs. You may either ask them firsthand what they came in for or state or perhaps offer them something, like maybe drinks or any complimentary entertainment.

Let your customers feel comfortable and homey

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Think of it this way: Customers are your temporary bosses. So you must attend to their needs as quick as possible, and of course, with finesse. Always be proactive by asking them if they need something else and be of any assistance. But do this in a casual, yet polite way. In assisting your guests, compel them to call you by your first name. Customers like service crew and staff who can address their needs in a more spontaneous, outgoing and “open” approach. By doing this, you are already getting their trust.

Compliment your guests in a soft, sincere tone

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For some, it’s just sweet-talks, but as Mother Teresa once said, “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” Compliments are your selling power, as it uplifts customer’s mood and makes feel their special and important. Use it through simple nod on their choice of meal with a quick follow up phrase of agreement.

Offer a simple apology in the event of any inconvenience

Screengrab from the movie, Ratatouille
If by any chance that your customer has experienced any form of inconvenience and delay in service, rule of thumb is to apologize and assure them that such instances won’t happen again. If they told you something critical or displayed any form of annoyance, the last thing you need is to reciprocate with a negative gesture. Take note that being rude is your one way ticket to your business meltdown. Instead, consider this as a constructive criticism. A room for improvement, if you may.

Make short conversations with them

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This is one way of building rapport with your customers. Make sure to get their names, and know them by heart. Engage them to a good small talk like asking them about their experience in your shop so far, or perhaps relate something that will capture their interests. From there, you’re now starting to establish a good foundation with your guests. However, know your limits when conversing with them. Never ask any personal questions… Ever!

Escort your customers as well upon exit and say “thank you”

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Once they’re ready to leave the shop, it is strongly recommended to escort them on their way out and extend your appreciation for visiting your place. Although, it is not strictly obliged to give something to the customer, a little token of gratitude wouldn’t hurt.

So you see, don’t just let the catchy digital welcome signs do the talking for you. Being the owner, it is up to you on how to manage customers and making their visit worthwhile.