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Last Minute Halloween Ideas Using Your Affordable LED Products

Still having those nightmares of getting crazy over what ideas to throw for your company’s Halloween party? If you’re on the brink of using in the ol’ white linen over the walls with superimposing cutouts that spelled “Happy Halloween!”, then time to wake up and smell the year 2014 because that “creepy” Halloween décor is so ancient, even mummies don’t want it for their own party. Don’t fret and thank goodness for LED technology, your décor problem is solved!

If you think your LED signs and digital marquees only serve as your store’s public invitation to the public for visiting your shop, these twinkling, bright and eye-catching features can also be used to “spookify” your store. You don’t believe us? Here are some ideas:

1.LED Message Board as Headstones

This is one those many things you can do with your LED writing board. Wipe off those menu list inscribed on the board for a while and make it as a makeshift headstone, put it in one corner and add little details like a dilapidated cro…

Digital Signage and Where’s the Perfect Spot to Install It

For newly-opened businesses and established hole-in-the-walls as well, storefront signs, marquees and other digital signage are there not only to draw attention from the crowd, enticing them to come over and visit your shop, but also to usher them as they enter your store. Not to mention, some signages are part of some legal requirements imposed by the city government such as fire exit signs and the likes. However, what’s the point in having the most sophisticated, high-tech digital marquees and LED signboards if they’re installed behind a bundle of tree branches, by the back of the door or in some sketchy alleys, hiding in plain sight?

A strategic spot for a signage is vital in showcasing your business to the public, much to the extent of observing laws regarding safety practices within the vicinity. And overlooking this aspect by putting your sign in a secluded, close to nonexistent area simply defeats the purpose of your signage as “marketing collateral”. And unlike those large bi…

Obvious Signs You Need to Acquire a New Storefront Signage

Storefront signs are there initially to invite customers to your shop. But what if it doesn’t seem to cut it anymore and goes the other way around, up to the point when it’s slowly becoming a pain-in-the-butt liability instead of an eye-candy asset to your business?

Perhaps, this could be one of the signs that you need to immediately get and install a new digital signage.

What are those signs, you may ask? Here are some of them:

1. Nobody is visiting your store anymore – Don’t fret too much. Maybe the reason why people don’t go to your place anymore is that they can’t remember the name of your shop. Sure, people may have experienced something worth coming back to your store, leaving you with a promise of another visit. However, they have the tendency to forget simple things like a restaurant name or even the street your restaurant is located. So, take this as a sign to get a new storefront marquee to constantly remind customers the good experience they’ve had in your store, as well a…

LIGHT-HACKS: Other Uses of Writable LED Board

It’s pretty obvious how digital marquees and LED signs have come a long way in helping business owners attract and invite potential customers in an eye-catching and cost-efficient manner. What’s even more fascinating is how Writable LED Boards leaped further in providing ways to captivate patrons and customers in a color-blasting manner, and much more to the amusement of rookie shop owners and seasoned business operators.

Today, the use of these bright LED boards is no longer limited to being just your ordinary well-lit signage in restaurants, bars and various shops as your makeshift menu and announcement board. This luminous piece of marketing peripheral is an all-around board that can be employed for other functions. And here are some of them.

Use it as a scoreboard for darts, pool and other bar/indoor sports Keeping score has never been this brilliant. Literally! Throw away your old scoreboard for darts, billiards and other indoor sports, and use this board instead so that players…

When The Sign Says “Welcome”, Do You Really Welcome Your Customer?

They all get it! Your shop is open for business, it says all over the digital marquee hanging outside your foyer. But as what states on your fancy signage, do you really live up to every letter of the word “welcome” in terms of interacting with your customer?

In a typical establishment – particularly restaurants and shops – welcoming your customers does not simply stop at the door step, where your welcome sign is usually installed. If you want a good pat on the back approval from your customers, give them enough reason to come back, or even stay for a while just to get something worth availing from your store to say the least.

Bad service leads to bad recommendations, and bad recommendations equates to bad reputation. Of course, you wouldn’t want the general public to think of your shop as a breeding ground for rude, snooty, pretentious, good-for-nothing staff just because they simply failed to put up a smile as they serve a bowl of lukewarm soup.

To change the pace, and to gain more…