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Why Go For LED Signs?

By now, many establishments opted to use LED signs for marketing their business and display products and events. Not only are they efficient marketing tools, but there’s a whole lot of reasons why LED signs are the better choice when it comes to increasing foot traffic and sales. Below are a few advantages should you choose to switch to open signs made of LED:

LED signs are more energy-efficient because of its low-power consumption.  These marketing tools can be used for as long as 100,000 hours of consumption before replacement is needed. LED signs allow big savings on monthly electric bills, which store owners will surely appreciate in the long run.

LED signs come in a variety of animation modes.  Not only are colorful LED signs aesthetically pleasing, they also have different methods of animation that people can watch when passing by establishments. This strategy certainly allows for brand recognition and name recall.

Programmable indoor and outdoor message boards are now available wh…

LED Signs are Friends of the Earth

Wonder how outdoor and indoor programmable LED signs help save the environment? Traditional LED signs may cost less but constant replacement is more expensive in the long run. Nowadays, sign manufacturers have programmable message boards that clients can easily update without manually replacing individual letters, which can be too labor-intensive.

This task of changing letters each time a new promotion or event happens is not only daunting, but harmful to the environment. By using programmable LED signs, all one needs to do is use the remote and program the sign from a remote computer. Programmable message boards can take your business to the forefront with features such as animation, ease of access, and constant updates which users can easily control.

The amount it takes to change a broken or damaged lightbulb for traditional LED signs takes longer than the amount of time you’ll need to update the message on your programmable open signs. The time you save can be used for more product…

How to Make Your Business or Office Energy-Efficient

Green is for money. That is why we believe that turning your business green would yield you more profits in the long run. And one way of making your office or business green is making it energy-efficient. Here is a list of ways on how you can make your business or office energy-efficient.

• Select ENERGY STAR qualified appliances
When buying new office equipment, it is always best to think about the long term gains or losses you might experience. Paying a price which is slightly higher upfront for an energy-efficient unit can be compensated by the savings you will be able to make using that.

• Cut idle time

Leaving any equipment or lighting fixtures on when not in use can create produce unnecessary expenses. Aside from reflecting on your monthly electricity bill, keep them on can also affect the life cycle of these units. Make sure to create a startup/shutdown plan to monitor energy consumption and equipment use.

• Use energy-efficient signs for your store
When I say energy-efficient…

How Can Signs Affect Your Business?

If you’re planning to operate a small business in your area or already has one, “buying a signage” is one of the basic things you should consider as an early form of advertisements. According to the Chamber of Commerce, “customers are more likely to purchase from a business they have already heard of, so a sign can help plant the seed for future sales.” Thus, signs can make it easier for customers to transact business with your company.

Drawing Attention Signs serve as a type of silent salesperson for your business. It let passersby know that you exist and help potential customers locate your business easily. According to The Small Business Connect website, studies indicate that as many as 45 percent of first-time customers who visit a business do so because they noticed the sign. Thus, one can say that business signage is still one of the best and proven ways to promote a business.

Brand Promise
A business sign should convey the promise of your brand and the high standards of your bu…

5 Simples Ways to Market Your Business

If you think you need a lot of money to succeed in marketing your business, then you may want to change your mind set. Marketing or advertising your business is not all about money, it’s about being creative. Money can indeed put you into billboards, TV commercials and online ads, but creativity and knowledge can take you anywhere. Here are some useful and simple tips to market your business if you’re on a budget.

• The Power of Social Media!
According to The Pew Survey, conducted in the year 2014, more than 52% of Internet users regularly logged on to at least two social networks. Such popular social media networks are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Reddit. So any business that does not post on at least one platform, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is losing out. Many businesses have used these social media networks to reach their customers and communicate with potential buyers/clients. Besides, it’s free! The investment you just need is time!

• Flyers and Brochures

5 LED Lights Myths Debunked!

LED lights have been used for a lot of things from TVs, computer monitors, new lighting systems and scrolling LED signs. However, no matter how much it is used in the industry nowadays, many people still have the wrong ideas about LED lights. So for today’s article, we’re going to debunk some of these false facts regarding LEDs.

• Myth #1: LED lights can last forever.
LED lights can indeed last longer compare to other traditional lights including CFL, incandescent and fluorescent but they don't last forever. Like all light sources, LED sources slowly fade over time. But as stated earlier, LED can last over a period of 6,000 hours or more. Well-designed LED lighting fixtures can retain 70% of their initial output for 50,000 hours or more, depending on operating conditions and other factors.

• Myth #2: LEDs don’t give off any heat.
Because LED produces no infrared energy, the beam of light from an LED source is cool. However, waste heat is produced within the LED itself during the …

How to Make Your Advertisement More Attractable to Passersby

LED signs have been used way back as a marketing tool to attract the attention of passerby with the goal to turn them into customers. But making an effective marketing LED sign that will surely grab anyone’s attention is quite hard especially nowadays when people’s eyes are into their smart phones and gadgets even while walking, altogether forgetting anything in their environment. And with this as a problem, how can you impress passerby enough to stop and look at your advertisement. Well, as a passerby myself, here are some tips I may give you that can attract someone’s attention.

• Use Humor! In our everyday mundane routine, we rarely have time to have fun or laugh before going to our office or class. Humor is one thing that could get anyone’s attention easily. Advertising shouldn’t be boring and either is your LED sign or marketing tool. According to Mark Levitt, “Audiences like to be entertained, but not pitched. People will pay more attention to a humorous commercial than a factu…

Tips on Cleaning Your LED Sign

Because of its eye-appealing characteristics store signagesuch as LED open signs, business hours and LED boards can attract potential customers to check out your shop. And the last thing you would want is to turn these colorful signs into “customer deterrents” instead of welcoming them because of its sloppy, dirty appearance. So why don’t you take a time out to clean those LED signs.

Things You Need to Clean a LED Sign
To clean a LED sign, you need to have a clean microfiber cloth, water and some cotton buds. Next thing you need to do is to uninstall the LED sign. While some are comfortable cleaning their signs without the need to detach the signage, it is recommended to do so to be able for you to cover all the spots.

• Spray and Wipe
A simple way to clean your LED sign is to spray an ample amount of water on the microfiber cloth and wipe the front panel and the casing of the signage. Make sure not to apply too much pressure onto the signage to prevent any unwanted scratch and ding. …

Questions Often Asked When Buying a LED Sign

As a consumer, it’s just right to ask questions when buying a specific product especially if it’s for your business. LED sign displays are often used as signboards outside shops and stalls to attract customers. This LED sign displays are consider vital for small businesses and their owners because they can easily be spotted and attract the attention of random bystanders which can also turn to potential customers.

And if you’re one of the business owners looking for LED signs but still doubting whether to buy one because you have a lot questions in mind. Then here are some of the frequently asked questions buyers always have when purchasing their LED signs.

• What is a LED?
A light-emitting diode (LED) is a two-lead semiconductor light source. LED’s are very different from light bulbs that last or many years without burning out, generating less heat and consumes fast less energy than traditional lightings.

• What are LED signs?
An LED display is a flat panel display, which uses an arr…

How to Pick the Right Font for your Led Sign

About is a leading LED sign manufacturer based in Southern California. First established in 1990, has harness cutting edge technology in producing high quality signage. Supplying quality outdoor and indoor signage to regional sign companies and sign shops, our customers spread all over the U.S. and our products are used in a variety of industries. Our bright and durable LED signs allow regional LED sign companies like you to resell these products with confident.

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About LEDs

LED lights are things we have learned to use everywhere and anywhere from led signs, street signs, and bulbs and used in TV and laptops. And if you think you might know everything about LED lights then you might be surprise that there are still some things undisclosed to you that you probably have no idea of in regard with LEDs.

1. LED lights last 35 to 50 times longer than incandescent and up to 10 times longer than fluorescents.

2. There are 32,256 individual LED lights in the ball used for the New Years Eve Times Square ball drop.

3. The first patent for LEDs was issued to James Biard and Gary Pittman while working at Texas Instrument in 1961.

4. LED lights up by using a small semiconductor crystal. When the crystal is energized with electrical current, the semiconductor emits light.

5. Kentucky recently switched 77,000 traffic signal modules from incandescent lamps to LEDs. The state estimates it will save $1.7 million from reduced energy costs and $1.5 million in reduced mainten…

Things to Consider When Buying Your LED Sign

Buying a LED sign for your business is not an easy task as it may seem to be. There are important things you should take note of as a buyer. You should also remember that purchasing a LED sign is an investment and a marketing tool to advertise your products or service to potential customers or buyers.

Thus, when buying a LED sign, one should start considering the following things:

• Viewing Distance
It is important to regard the distant between your sign and its viewers, this determine the type of LED display you will need. Longer distances require less resolution while shorter distances need high resolutions. How to determine the right LED size for a distance? According to LED manufacturers, you need 1 inch for every 30 feet of viewing distance.

• Character Height
When it comes to the characters in your LED sign, should also take note that there at least seven rows of diodes needed to make one text character. For multiple lines of text, it requires an eighth line as a separator. Thi…

Signs You Need a New Storegront Signage

LED Sign Basics

About is a leading LED sign manufacturer based in Southern California. First established in 1990, has harness cutting edge technology in producing high quality signage. Supplying quality outdoor and indoor signage to regional sign companies and sign shops, our customers spread all over the U.S. and our products are used in a variety of industries. Our bright and durable LED signs allow regional LED sign companies like you to resell these products with confident.

7 Things Interesting Facts About LED Lights

Over the recent years, the use of LED lights has been increasing—all thanks to its efficient characteristics such as its long life span and its resistance to breakage. LEDs have been used in lighting bulbs, LED signs, TVs, display cases and even, in toys.

But think you know everything about LED lights? Well, here are some of the 7 interesting facts about them that you might have not heard yet:

#1 LED or light-emitting diodes are actually a type of solid-state lighting that uses a semiconductor to convert electricity into light. Such process makes it seven times more energy efficient than conventional incandescent lights and cut energy use by roughly 80 percent.

#2 Unlike incandescent bulbs, LEDs uses energy far more efficiently with little wasted heat. That's why compare to the former, LED lights doesn't heat up much.

#3 Quality LED bulbs can have a long lifespan of about 25,000 hours —which means they last more than 25 times longer than other traditional light bulbs. Statist…

How to Extend the Life of LED Lights

Scientifically speaking, normal LED lights have a lifespan of about 35,000 hours. However there are a few who knows that it is possible to extend its life up to 50,000 hours. With the constant progress of led technology, along with its eco-friendliness namely saving electricity and energy, the performance of led has been outstanding in the market.  Its long life, high efficiency, power-saving features has been makes a lot of people prefer it than the use of incandescent and fluorescent.

So how can one extend the life of LED lights, well here are some tips you can use to to achieve the maximum span life these LED lights can offer.

Quality Matters
First and foremost, the quality of the LED lights is a very important factor. Different encapsulation process will have an influence on the quality of the product. You see, a weak glue encapsulation of LED lights can affect it aging conditions and can have a 76% possibility of light failure. While a good encapsulation of LED lights during its…