Friday, November 24, 2017

Visual Advertising Techniques That Can Boost Your Brand

The most successful brands in the world don’t just make sure people buy their products or services, they also make people adopt lifestyles. To do so, they make use of various marketing and advertising campaigns. Since most people are emotionally driven to purchase, perception is the name of the game and making your potential customers are more engaged with your brand is the key to achieving the improved sales you’re looking for.

To influence your customers’ emotions and perception of your brand, using visual cues is one of the most effective ways to do so. Here are some visual advertising techniques that you may want to consider for your billboards and LED signs:

Using the Right Colors

Using the right colors for your LED signs will boost your branding

Color can influence people’s buying mood. The right color and design are one of the keys to a successful visual advertising campaign. A basic understanding of the psychology of colors can help you identify which colors are going to get your customers’ attention.

Try Repetitive images

Using repetitive images for your signage will give you a brand boost to your customers

Repetitive images can help keep your products or services in your customers’ mind. It can help make your brand, products, or services more familiar. But be careful when using repetition in your ads, you have to make sure that you’re going to use the right amount of repetitive images or you’re going to risk your customers being tired of seeing your ad.

Attempting to Associate

accociating with your customers will make a good relation to customers and boost your brand

The concept of association has long been used in advertising. It’s using images like of people having a good time to make your customers feel like they want to use the product or service they see in your ad.

Having the Right Body Language

Having the right models and with the right gestures that suit to your stores with boost your sales and branding

If your ad is going to make use of other people, the right body language can make customers more inclined to avail of your products or services. When your models use the right facial expressions, stances, and gestures, you can make an effective ad.

Following the Rule of Thirds

Using horizontal and vertical lines will help you to focus what image are you going to focus

This is a basic image composition technique that divides your image using imaginary vertical and horizontal lines. The key here is making sure that the subject of your image should be in the intersections of the horizontal and vertical lines.

Now, these are just a few techniques that can help your business grow through advertising. If you’re in need of LED signs or other advertising tips, check out!

Friday, November 17, 2017

8 Ways to Make Customers Feel Welcome at Your Store

Led sign will also help to have a pleasant ambiance

The bread and butter of businesses are how to make their customers happy. Once your LED signs attract people to your business, you should make efforts to make sure your customers feel welcome and comfortable enough for them to avail of your products or services.

First impressions last so as a store owner, you only have one shot at making first-time customers feel welcome. So if you’re looking for ways that can help you make new and return customers comfortable in your store, here are a few tips for you to consider:

Keep Your Storefront Organized

Organized storefront will have an eye-catching effect

Having bright, attractive signs can be a plus that can draw potential customers into your store. Aside from signage, it’s a good idea to keep your storefront clean and organized. Consider having ornamental plants in your storefront and bright colors for the facade.

Have a Clean Parking Lot

making a good looking parking lot will attract customers

Keep the parking lot clear of litter and set up garbage cans at locations convenient to customers. Have signs for the parking lot too that indicate the name of your business as well as the availability of parking space.

Pay Special Attention to First Time Customers

This will build a returning customers to your store

Your first-time customers won’t be familiar with your products or services, so it’s a good idea to engage them with special care. Ask them what they’re looking for and what they’re expecting from your products or services. Make recommendations based on that.

Minimize Wait Times

Selling good products is nothing if the customer is waiting for so long to receive your product

One of the things that your customers really hate is waiting in line for extended periods of time. If you can streamline the way that customers can avail your products or services, or at least have signs that can tell them how long they have to wait, this can be a plus.

Listen to Your Return Customers

Customers feedback will have a huge benefit to improve your business

Customers that regularly avail of your products or services are a sign that you’ve done something right. Now if they have any inputs about how you can improve, take these into consideration. This also established rapport between you and your customers.

Have Background Music

Music background can relax to your customers.

Soft background music can provide some small measure of privacy to your customers, and it can help them feel more comfortable being in your store. Select music that corresponds to your brand identity.

Validate Your Customers’ Decisions

Considering customers' decision will help you what the customers' need

If your customers decide to avail of a product or service, tell them they’ve made a good choice! Tell them why their purchase makes sense and the value they get out of it.

Thank Your Customers!

Always thanking the customer will build a good relationship

Other than validating their purchase, make sure you show your gratitude and thank your customers for their business. Appreciation is a sure way to keep them coming back.

These are just a few ways you make your customers feel more welcome in your store. With the right LED signs and attitude, you can make those first-time customers regulars in the future. For more information about LED signs and how they can benefit your business, check out!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Why You Should Consider the Use of Solar-Powered Lights

Using Solar-Powered LED Sign Lights can have a huge savings for your business.

If your business is open 24/7 and is located in an area with a lot of foot and vehicle traffic throughout a day, you’re going to need signs that can attract customers even during the night. Using LED signs and other lighted marketing materials can help passersby know that you’re open for business.

However, using lighted signs at night can add to your business’ operational costs due to added use of electricity. To help you get the exposure you need without the added costs when you’re operating at night, you should consider using the solar-powered LED signs. Here’s why you should consider the use:

Solar-Powered Lights Allow You Save Money

Using solar-powered led signs will have a huge saving on your money.

During the day, solar-powered lighting systems will be charging batteries so that they can be ready for use without added electricity in the night. After the initial installation, this will allow your signs to be visible throughout the night. With the money saved, you can improve the other aspects of your business. Of course, being solar-powered, you can also use these signs during the day.

Solar-Powered Lights Help Protect the Environment

New Solar-Powered LED sign lights have now a technology to protect the environment.

Because solar-powered lights make use of little to no electricity, you can help make your signs more environmentally friendly. If protecting the environment is one of your personal beliefs, solar-powered lights are the way to go for your business.

Solar-Powered Lights are Easy to Install

Energy saving solar powered signage is modern technology nowadays.
Source: Youtube

If you’re considering installing a solar-powered system onto your existing LED lights, you’re going to have an easy time. You can mount the signs on brackets. You can also integrate the solar panels into the sign or opt to use a nearby pole.

Solar-Powered Lights are Easy to Use

Solar-Powered Lights is easy to use, almost a set-and-forget signage.

You can program your signs whenever you want them to light up. If there is a lack of foot or vehicle traffic in the late evening, you can opt to have your signs turned off, so you save energy. You can also program them to turn back on once there is more traffic in the morning.

With these ideas, you can cut on electricity costs and at the same time you can still have brand exposure throughout the night. For more information on LED signs and other lighting materials you need for your advertising

Friday, November 3, 2017

Outdoor Advertising Tactics and Trends to Consider

Busy street with Signs

As consumers ourselves, we’ll see various outdoor advertisements on a daily basis. We encounter billboards, transit ads, and other forms of other outdoor advertising materials, especially when living in the city. With that being said, all the various ads strewn across multiple outdoor mediums can make it difficult for your ads to stand out.

Mass marketing mediums like LED signs can be used to get your message across to more customers. To help you achieve your marketing goals, here a few outdoor advertising trends and tactics for you to consider:

Ensure that Your Ads are Shareable

Colorful LED signs on streets

With LED signs, you can increase the interaction between the ad and your target customers. Consider making video ads that can shock and awe people. This way, people can take a picture or video of your ads and even share them on their social media channels. Having interactive ads are a good and cost-effective way of getting your message across.

Invest in Signs that are in High Traffic Area

High Traffic Area

You may be tempted to acquire multiple cheap ad spaces rather than fewer expensive ones. This can be a mistake and you could be wasting resources. Instead of going for multiple cheap ad spaces, invest in the more expensive ad spaces because these are more likely to be in high-traffic areas that allow you to get the exposure your brand needs.

Study Your Competition

Study Your Business Competition in Signage

Study the area where you’re planning to place your ads and note which of the currently posted ads belong to your competition. You can engage in witty banter with your competitor using your ads which can increase exposure to your brand. But, don’t forget that you should be able to respond should your competition do the same.

Consider Minimalist Designs

Abstract LED signs on Streets

Most outdoor ads are only looked at for a second or two so you better make sure that you make the most of that time. Keep your ads simple. Use a few words accompanied by good quality visual images that grab the attention that you’re looking for.

These are some of the tactics that you should consider utilizing for your next outdoor ad campaign. For more information on LED signs and other outdoor ad mediums, check out!