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How Electronic Signs Changed Advertising

These signages leveraged advances in advertising and marketing, boosting businesses.

More and more businesses across the globe are investing in LED signages today. And although traditional advertising is still needed for companies to thrive in the industry, you can’t deny how these signs have changed advertising today. With that said, here’s how these signs leveled up advertising and marketing.

Electronic signs are smarter.

Unlike static billboards and posters, LED signs are programmable, customizable, and manageable. You can convey your message to your target audience by programming it and customizing it based on your business’ current needs. If there’s an error with the content, you can easily change it, unlike with billboards where you’ll have to recall all the promotional material you’ve already sent out.

These signs cut costs.

Because these signs are able to convey your message efficiently, you don’t need to hire more staff. The communication between your business and the customers w…

Best Tips to Maximize the Use of LED Signs

LED signs are quite an investment, so get the most out of your signs with these few tips.
LED signs are silent salespersons of businesses. They are eye-catching sales boosters that can double as illumination at night. And because they are quite the investment, you need to maximize their use. If you’ve just bought a sign for your business and looking for tips on its usage, you’ve landed on the right article. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your LED signs.

*Research on the area and your audience.

Your store’s location, as well as your audience, are the basis for the messages that you will input in your programmable LED signs. Here are some of the questions to consider:

- Is your store along a busy street?
- What is the speed limit of the road where you are located?
- Are there many pedestrians?
- Are you targeting a specific demographic?

Your answers will determine the type of messages you will program in the signs, the length of these messages, and whether there’s a need to …

Best Scrolling LED Sign Marketing Tips

Here are some of the best practices when using these signs for your business.
Having a LED sign for your business greatly helps with attracting potential customers and keeping the flow of business smooth. If they are installed correctly, they can help with driving potential clients towards your shop. However, if not done properly, the sign may confuse people and drive them away from your business. That said, you should make sure that the programmed message in your sign is correct.
To avoid this problem, here are the three best marketing practices for scrolling LED signs to consider.
Be straightforward, specific, and clear.

A study made by Microsoft found that the average attention span of humans is now as short as a goldfish’s, which is at eight seconds. That’s four seconds less than the average in the year 2000. Because we now live in a fast-paced social-driven world, the declining attention span in no surprising. That said, marketers have to be clear and precise with their messages to …

How Healthcare Facilities Benefit From LED Signs

As with any retail or food business, healthcare businesses benefit from LED technology as well.

In healthcare facilities such as hospitals and specialist clinics, the flow of information, as well as quality, are important. This is true for any fast-paced, busy work environment. And to keep the flow of information smooth, some install illuminated signs in waiting areas. These signs allow clinics and hospitals to communicate with patients, visitors, and employees in real time. And if your facility doesn’t have any, it’s time you invest in them. Here are other reasons why LED signs are beneficial to healthcare facilities.

These signs help with the smooth flow of hospital operations.

As mentioned earlier, the flow and quality of communication become better with illuminated signage. They can display important messages to employees, patients, and visitors, such as visiting hours and names of available doctors. Hospital staff can easily program them with these messages and other vital informat…