Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Is Your Business Logo Due for a Redesign?

Logos are very important in promoting and introducing your business. In its most basic form, these icons, drawings, or symbols – no matter how complicated or simple the design is – will serve as the “face” of your brand, and eventually becomes its unique, stand-alone identity; An identity that will point the people to you and your company the moment they saw it.

Photo Courtesy: No duck face via 9gag
Ergo, business owners needs to take time and analyze every detail if the logo complements, not only the products or services that they’re rendering, but also the nature of the business, as well as the people that they cater to. This is why business owners tend to change or redesign the logo, as the aesthetics are already becoming passé and doesn’t serve its purpose anymore; or much to the extent of no longer appealing to the target customers regardless of consistently flashing the brand to the most dynamic LED signage in New York.

Mind you, redesigning is a make-or-break thing, so it is better to study your logo and your brand first before making any drastic changes. To help you with this check out these points to determine if you are in dire need of a logo redesign.

It is Outdated

It is a given that logos should be timeless. But even the most classic logo design needs a little tweaking. Don’t take this blog post the wrong way, as you don’t need to make an unnecessary redesign of your logo every once in a while. The bottom line here is if the design is timeless, you should still consider to make room for improvement to your logo for updates just to get by with the ever-changing times, culture and norms. Concrete examples of these are brands like Coke, Starbucks, Bacardi, MGM and even superhero logos like Superman and Batman to name a few.

You Had a Business-Related Acquisitions, Merge, Name Disputes, etc.

Whether your business has exponentially grown, lost market shares, or has a name dispute with other companies, you’ll need a new logo. People often refer to this as “Re-branding”. Business owners need this to re-establish not only the brand, but also the entirety of the company itself as a result of a specific occurrence in the past (e.g. new partnership or owner, name dispute with other businesses, negative impressions in the brand, etc.) Notable examples include Apple re-branding and World Wrestling Entertainment-World Wide Fund for Nature initials dispute.

If It Doesn’t Work Anymore, Change It

Unless you wanted to juxtapose your everything-minimalist furniture shop with an over-detailed, colorful sign emblazoning your brand name and logo on it, then you need a redesign. Logos are supposed to be a representation of your business. So perhaps it is fair and just (and significantly beneficial) for your logo to match with the brand in such ways that elegance, uniqueness, and the “image” of your business will not be compromised.

When You Feel the Need for Creative Change

Logos are creative elements designed to accompany the mind of the consumer to your brand. That explains why it is important to come up with a one-of-a-kind logo. Sure, your customers will recognize your logo, but they will eventually forget your business name. As an entrepreneur, you must feel the need to add creative aspects to your logo in order for your brand to be recognized even more in a larger scale and in a longer period of time. Take for instance the logo of Federal Express, Amazon and Formula 1 Racing.

How to Clean Your Store Signs

Because of its eye-appealing characteristics store signages such as LED open signs, business hours and LED boards are just a few of the things that attract potential customers to check out your shop. And the last thing you would want is to turn these colorful signs into “customer deterrents” instead of welcoming them because of its sloppy, dirty appearance.

Open Sign
Here’s an idea: Unplug your signage for a while to give it a nice makeover by cleaning it.

Cleaning your LED store sign is very easy as you think it is. In fact, it will take only about an hour tops to do this. Now, to help you do this the right way, here are a few quick steps and tips on how to clean your LED sign properly, and without acquiring any potential damage.
  • Set-up Your Space

Just like any other tasks, prepping up is very important. As for cleaning your LED signs, you need to have a clean microfiber cloth, water and some cotton buds. Next thing you need to do is to uninstall the LED sign. While some are comfortable cleaning their signs without the need to detach the signage, it is recommended to do so to be able for you to cover all the spots.
  • Spray and Wipe

Simply spray an ample amount of water (preferably distilled) on the microfiber cloth and wipe the front panel and the casing of the signage. Make sure not to apply too much pressure onto the signage to prevent any unwanted scratch and ding. For stubborn stains and grimes, you may use LED screen cleaning solution (same cleaning solution that is being used to clean LED TV panels). Keep in mind not to apply or spray the solution directly to the LED sign, as it may leave streaks or damage to the panel. This is also applicable with regular business signages, programmable LED signs and writable LED boards.
  • Dust and Dry

After removing all the dust and streaks, repeat the process, only this time, use a clean and dry microfiber cloth. This is to take off excess moist, dust or lint that could have been left out on the LED surface and the casing. Doing this will also ensure your LED sign is all dried out and ready for operations.
  • Cover All Corners

Using some cotton buds, check all corners and edges of the LED sign that you may have missed. Spray the swab with water to take off accumulated dusts then wipe it off using a dry swab.

Time to bring back your LED sign’s sparkling glory!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Quirky Ideas to Consider When Your LED Signage Conks Out

Most reliable LED open signs promise longevity, durability and robustness, not to mention perennial brilliance. True enough, LED signage manufacturers and sellers see to it that all of these requirements are tested to ensure total customer satisfaction. Although at times, these illuminating and colorful signage don’t live up to its promise merely because of factory defects, misuse, or for some strange occurrence, dies out with no particular reason. It’s not everyone’s fault, though.

What a “brilliant” idea for a sign! Photo courtesy: memeguy.com

Worry no more, as these things happen every once in a while. So instead of feeling bummed about losing the glaring glitz of your shop’s welcome open sign, or your restaurant’s glowing LED board menu, why not come up with quirky ideas for temporary signs to inform everyone your store is still “business as usual”.

Given the initial (and usual) troubleshooting steps, as well as warranty claims, here are some other tips to do when your LED signage conks out:

Throw back the traditional signage – This can never go wrong, especially for fine-dining restaurants, office firms, even bars and shops. Despite the immense popularity of LED signage, having a traditional open sign keeps the presentable, formal and straightforward character of an establishment. Just keep this open sign handy in your shop, along with 1 or 2 suction hooks, in case by any unfortunate circumstances your trusty LED sign bails out on you.

open sign
Go “Artsy” Over Your Business Sign – If you are planning to create a makeshift sign as your back-up plan, then we strongly recommend putting some effort into it. Add colors or caricatures to compensate your LED sign’s colorful vibe. You can use colored chalks, colored markers or any other eye-catching trinkets for this, but be sure not to over-do it so that customers won’t feel alienated or irritated because of your over-cluttered open sign. If you own a restaurant, go for a typography-driven approach; for comic book shops, it is advisable to do some superhero-inspired caricatures and fonts. Doing this can also extend your marketing reach by including promos available in your store.

Photo courtesy: Martha Stewart official website

Might As Well Say It with WIT: You’ve done a wonderful job doing your temporary welcome and open signs. But if you still feel the urge to outsmart competitors (with far more colorful and still working LED signage), blast funny, witty quotes to your “work of art” signage. Customers tend to feel entertained when they see witty welcome remarks or clever quotes outside store doors. Hence, they feel intrigued and compelled to buy stuff, or to say the least, check out what’s inside the shop, figuring out if there’s more to offer. Here’s one!

Enough said. (Photo courtesy: Holy Taco)

Signages are very important to all business, be it shops, stores, restaurants or offices. It is what informs the customer if your products or services are available. That’s why you need to ensure the efficiency and the condition of your open signs. And if any case it got damaged or dies out on you, cheer up! It’s not the end of your business. You can always replace it or if not, bring it to your trusty electrician to do some damage control. In the meantime, come up with other ways and workarounds to keep your business up and running. It wouldn’t hurt if you dash a little fun to your ventures, right?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Positioning Your Open Sign The Right Way

Sure, your signage adds radiance and vibrant aura to your store, but placing it inside the bathroom just won’t do you and your shop any good.

Open SignWhen it comes to showcasing your LED open sign, positioning is everything. Knowing a strategic area to install your open sign matters, as it serves mainly as your usher, encouraging customers to visit your store. After all, that’s the reason why these things are here, right?

Think of it as an art piece on display. Flaunt your signage where customers could see it easily.

Open Sign by the Door Welcomes the Customers Warmly

Everyone should know this is pretty much basic. However, not all store owners know that open signs, particularly eye-catching LED signs, have an impact on potential customers. Most shoppers tend to pass through or walk-by instead when they see a store that doesn't have any signage, for the simple reason that they assume it’s not very welcoming, or closed to say the least. Make sure that your signage is clearly visible. Place it on your glass door to attract and engage customers in entering your shop.

You've Got to Mount It

If your store’s door or window is not glass, then the best way to showcase your LED signage is to mount it overhead by your store’s entrance wall. Bars and restaurants usually use this method of installing their signage. This can be tricky because you still have to consider the wirings and the security of the signage. To resolve this, just place a reinforced casing to protect the signage from damages. It may cost you a bit more; however it could drive more customers to your store.

Take It from the Inside

Installing an open sign can be installed inside your store as well, provided that the sign is still clearly visible to everyone. Ideally most store owners place their open sign on a certain spot that is parallel or opposite side of the store’s entrance.

No Blockers Allowed

Once installed or displayed, make sure that your open sign will not be blocked by anything such as a tree branch, traffic signs, billboards, outdoor ornaments, and street lights.

With the Lights Out

Never set up your LED open signs to an over-lit spot. This basically defeats the purpose of the LED sign’s flashy lights. Just go for spot where the brightness and tone of natural or ambient lighting is just right.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Using Programmable LED in Schools

Today, most of the schools around the region are already taking the leap in venturing out on digital signage. Gone are the days of old fashioned marquee and bulletin boards. Aside from its eye-catching and state-of-the-art characteristics, digital displays are highly-customizable and programmable, giving school administrators the freedom to create custom messages for various recipients, making it easy for school administrators to connect with the whole school community.

photo courtesy: goheels.com
That is why there’s no doubt why digital signs nowadays are becoming the latest trend when it comes to digital information, especially within the school premises. “Why?” you may ask. Here are some of the significant advantages in using programmable LED signs in schools:

School and Community Announcements

Today, programmable LED signs are slowly replacing marquee because of its convenience, effectiveness, efficiency and versatility, be it for announcing PTA meetings, school events, class suspensions, updates and even enrollment invitations for new interested students.

Uplifts the School Spirit during Sporting Activities

LED scoreboards are a staple in every school gym. Along with the running time and scores made by both visiting and home teams, it also exudes school spirit by means of flashing the school’s insignia while in the midst of wild cheers and “defense” chants. Great for showing off your school pride during an intense basketball game.

Serves as Directional Signs for Navigational Aid

LED sign as navigational aid

Programmable LED signs can also be utilized to provide directions and waypoints for locations of offices, washrooms, foyers, exits, gym, and school-related firms within the premises.

For School Traffic Advisories and Safety Board

This goes for pedestrian crossings, parking lot, bus stops, emergency exits and other places in the school that may impose danger and other hazards to students, as well as for quick broadcast during drills and emergencies.

Can be Used for School Promotion and Campus-Sponsored Contents to 

Might as well use it for marketing the school by means of promotional ads and school-approved advertisements, right? By doing this, schools, colleges and universities have a greater chances of faster return of investments.

If the School Benefits from it, So Does Mother Nature

Deployment of programmable LED display equates to paperless signage. Meaning, a much cleaner, clutter-less and eco-friendly campus with sophisticated means of communication may get your institution to a higher ranking.