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Is Your Business Logo Due for a Redesign?

Logos are very important in promoting and introducing your business. In its most basic form, these icons, drawings, or symbols – no matter how complicated or simple the design is – will serve as the “face” of your brand, and eventually becomes its unique, stand-alone identity; An identity that will point the people to you and your company the moment they saw it.
Ergo, business owners needs to take time and analyze every detail if the logo complements, not only the products or services that they’re rendering, but also the nature of the business, as well as the people that they cater to. This is why business owners tend to change or redesign the logo, as the aesthetics are already becoming passé and doesn’t serve its purpose anymore; or much to the extent of no longer appealing to the target customers regardless of consistently flashing the brand to the most dynamic LED signage in New York.

Mind you, redesigning is a make-or-break thing, so it is better to study your logo and your brand f…

How to Clean Your Store Signs

Because of its eye-appealing characteristics store signages such as LED open signs, business hours and LED boards are just a few of the things that attract potential customers to check out your shop. And the last thing you would want is to turn these colorful signs into “customer deterrents” instead of welcoming them because of its sloppy, dirty appearance.
Here’s an idea: Unplug your signage for a while to give it a nice makeover by cleaning it.

Cleaning your LED store sign is very easy as you think it is. In fact, it will take only about an hour tops to do this. Now, to help you do this the right way, here are a few quick steps and tips on how to clean your LED sign properly, and without acquiring any potential damage.
Set-up Your Space
Just like any other tasks, prepping up is very important. As for cleaning your LED signs, you need to have a clean microfiber cloth, water and some cotton buds. Next thing you need to do is to uninstall the LED sign. While some are comfortable cleaning…

Quirky Ideas to Consider When Your LED Signage Conks Out

Most reliable LED open signs promise longevity, durability and robustness, not to mention perennial brilliance. True enough, LED signage manufacturers and sellers see to it that all of these requirements are tested to ensure total customer satisfaction. Although at times, these illuminating and colorful signage don’t live up to its promise merely because of factory defects, misuse, or for some strange occurrence, dies out with no particular reason. It’s not everyone’s fault, though.

Worry no more, as these things happen every once in a while. So instead of feeling bummed about losing the glaring glitz of your shop’s welcome open sign, or your restaurant’s glowing LED board menu, why not come up with quirky ideas for temporary signs to inform everyone your store is still “business as usual”.
Given the initial (and usual) troubleshooting steps, as well as warranty claims, here are some other tips to do when your LED signage conks out:
Throw back the traditional signage – This can never …

Positioning Your Open Sign The Right Way

Sure, your signage adds radiance and vibrant aura to your store, but placing it inside the bathroom just won’t do you and your shop any good.

When it comes to showcasing your LED open sign, positioning is everything. Knowing a strategic area to install your open sign matters, as it serves mainly as your usher, encouraging customers to visit your store. After all, that’s the reason why these things are here, right?

Think of it as an art piece on display. Flaunt your signage where customers could see it easily.

Open Sign by the Door Welcomes the Customers Warmly

Everyone should know this is pretty much basic. However, not all store owners know that open signs, particularly eye-catching LED signs, have an impact on potential customers. Most shoppers tend to pass through or walk-by instead when they see a store that doesn't have any signage, for the simple reason that they assume it’s not very welcoming, or closed to say the least. Make sure that your signage is clearly visible. Place …

Using Programmable LED in Schools

Today, most of the schools around the region are already taking the leap in venturing out ondigital signage. Gone are the days of old fashioned marquee and bulletin boards. Aside from its eye-catching and state-of-the-art characteristics, digital displays are highly-customizable and programmable, giving school administrators the freedom to create custom messages for various recipients, making it easy for school administrators to connect with the whole school community.

That is why there’s no doubt why digital signs nowadays are becoming the latest trend when it comes to digital information, especially within the school premises. “Why?” you may ask. Here are some of the significant advantages in using programmable LED signs in schools:

School and Community Announcements

Today, programmable LEDsignsare slowly replacing marquee because of its convenience, effectiveness, efficiency and versatility, be it for announcing PTA meetings, school events, class suspensions, updates and even enroll…