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Should You Use Witty Names and Pun Words For Your Signage?

Funny store can either be effective, or can make your store look unprofessional, so perhaps, the safest answer to this question would be an ambivalent YES and NO.

YES because funny signs can encourage customers to visit your place. It provides a homey, laid-back and casual vibe that makes them feel comfortable and welcomed. This has been proven to be effective, that even big shot brands occasionally adapt this strategy to attract more customers.

On the other hand, NO because of course, you would want your customers to take your business seriously, right? Hence, this does not suggest that every establishment owner should get back to the drawing board just to come up with a classy joke that they can incorporate with their business. That’s why don’t take this post’s every word for it.

It’s A Sign!
There are quite a number of stores around the world that deemed successful not only because of the goods and services that they are offering. Their store signs are one of the major factors tha…

Avoid Tacky Signage for Your Business

If you look the word “tacky” in the dictionary, you’ll get “characterized by lack of good breeding… In short, having a bad taste. As a budding businessperson, you wouldn’t want your business to be associated with that awful word, agree? Now, imagine if you own a classy restaurant that serves good food, fine wine and cozy ambiance. Now mix that with a bad signage, what do you think customers will say about you and your swanky fine dining hub?
WHAT’S WITH THE SIGN? A good straightforward business signage will effectively help in building your professional business credibility.

You see, it’s difficult to build up a reputation, particularly when it comes to handling business. But it’s easy enough to destroy it, that even a small signage issue could ruin everything because of its bad taste. No one is to blame but you. So before checking and replacing your business sign, here are some tips you might want to consider these tips on avoiding tacky practices and strategies for your business s…

A Few More Things You Need To Introduce Your Newly-Opened Restaurant Business

You’ve secured all the permits and licenses; negotiations with your suppliers are all done; A set of menu is well-thought; manpower is ready; your shop is situated right in the heart of the city; Looks like everything is all set for your restaurant grand opening… Except for a few things: An effective way to introduce your restaurant to the public!

Halt! Before thinking about cutting off the ribbon to officially inaugurate your food joint, here are a few more must-haves you need to consider in owning a restaurant:

A Catchy Name and a Logo

Giving a restaurant name is easy. But deciding a “great” restaurant name is crucial. “Why?” you may ask. Because that particular name will forever be associated with your restaurant and the type of food that you’ll be serving. Your restaurant’s name will be the identifier that will eventually be imprinted on your customers’ memory, along with their dining experience from your joint. Go for a simple yet catchy name. Be creative but don’t be tacky. You…

Make Your Business Signage Noticeable

Imagine if your hole-in-the-wall coffee shop is sandwiched right between two other establishments that has nothing to do with coffee. Not that they try to block off potential customers from coming to your joint. Despite your business is situated in a perfect location to reach your target market, it just seems that your shop is somehow unnoticeable to the public...Virtually invisible, if you may. What could possibly be a problem?

Perhaps, what you need is a signage revamp.

As posted last week on this blog, business storefront signage is a huge factor in promoting and introducing your business. It basically becomes your business’ identity for your customers to recognize your brand. That’s why in case you are currently experiencing the sited example above, it is clearly a “sign” that you need to do something to make passersby notice your business signage. Here are some ideas:

1. Be Bold Enough – Use bold letters to emphasize your signage. Along with the right color palate, make sure the …