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Valentine Messages Ideas for Your LED Signs

Get your customers and staff in the mood for love this Valentine season. Christmas has come and gone, and now St. Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away. If you already started putting up Valentine decorations, it’s time to decide which messages to program in your scrolling LED signs. Just like what we did in November for Christmas messages, we picked five of the best romantic content that you can display in your LED signs this week.

And we won’t keep you long; here are five ideas for Valentine messages for your programmable LED signs:

“Do all things with love.”Your customers would get in the mood with this powerful message. Indeed, you will work a lot better if you love what you do. There is a saying that if you prepare food with love, it will taste a lot better. We believe that’s true! Plus, dedicating yourself to doing something will yield better results and give you an overall good mood.

“You are loved, always.”Some people tend to feel that no one ever loves them. Displaying this m…

Top Content to Display in Programmable LED Signs

Here's what to display in your signs to increase sales.
LED signs, as we always stated, are beneficial to any business. They catch much more attention than the traditional static signs. If you are still wondering as to what effective content is best to input to your programmable LED signs, then you are in luck. This week, we will discuss the top content that you can program into your signs to help boost your business.

Business hours
This is utterly important, especially for 24-hour businesses. In the case you need to close the store early, it’s best to make the announcement via these signs. Doing so will prevent customers from getting disappointed because they weren’t able to find our your business hours in advance.

Social media accounts
If you have indoor LED signs and have a waiting area, it’s best to display your social media accounts. Your customers can check these channels out while they are in line, and their wait won’t be as boring. You can also encourage them to leave reviews…

Ways to Save Power and Money This 2019

Stick to your New Year's resolution on energy usage this year with the help of these tips.
Last December, we shared tips on saving energy in the holiday season. There is no reason to stop this 2019. Aside from leaving less carbon footprint, doing so can also help you save in the long run. And without further ado, here are five helpful tips to help you save power and money this new year.

Bike to work
If you can, do it! Not only do you save a whole lot on fuel, but you also get a daily exercise. You can also encourage your co-workers to do the same, and even propose a bike racing event for a cause!

Use LED nightlights
There is nothing to be ashamed of being afraid of the dark. If you can’t sleep with all the lights out, make use of LED nightlights. With these little bright lights that you can conveniently plug into an outlet, you can finally turn off your bedside lamp.

Buy energy star-rated appliances
Should you need to purchase appliances for your home or office, make sure to get ones tha…

How LED Signs Help Your Business

This 2019, boost your sales with the help of LED signs. Read on to know more.
In this age, more and more businesses are going digital. Evolving to the current trends increases the chance of connecting more to your target audience. One of these strategies is the usage of LED signs. This week, we have listed down the top reasons how these signs can benefit your business.

LED signs are great for brand messaging.
If you want to get your message across easily, displaying them via scrolling LED signs or writable LED boards is a good option. Because they are really bright, they can catch the attention of passers-by and customers inside your store much quicker than a static sign would. You also have the option to choose the right animation for your messages, which increases the chances of these messages attracting more eyes.

They influence customers’ buying decisions.
Placing programmable LED signs inside your shop can persuade people into buying your products, or availing your services. By flash…